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50th Anniversary Custom Shop Gold '56 Relic

50th Anniversary Aztec Gold 56 Relic Strat
Fender Custom Shop 56 Strat Gold RelicClick pics for closeups!

It's always kinda funny when they list a relic model as "MINT" condition. I mean, who's gonna know if it got dropped in a gravel driveway or tied to the roof rack for a road trip through a hail storm.

Anyway, this Aztec Gold '56 Relic looks like it's supposed to look, and as long as everything works & nothing is missing you're gettin' the real deal. It's a Time Machine Series, Team Build from a 100 piece run. The seller rates good and includes lots of photos & details, including s/n, radius and neck profile, etc. The COA, case and all case candy are clean, dry, serviceable, all present and accounted for-- as they say in the USAF.

Seller: guitargalleriaauctions (check their other items too!!!)

Current Item ID# 370306693282

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