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Vintage 62 Olympic White - Friday Strat #147

Fender 1962 Oly White

1962 Strat Headstock
EJ loved this guitar, but couldn't own it because the ciggy burns emanated too many second hand nicotine ions; making the Duracells sound like dated Energizers near a Ray-o-Vac display at Walgreens.

Aged Olympic White
Food & Beverage Suggestion:
Vanilla Wafers & Flan
Baileys Irish Cream & Wild Turkey- neat
Kool non-filters

Put on Sinatra & Basie's "Summit at the Sands"

Vintage '62 Olympic White Stratocaster

The ever effervescent Eddie of Guitarville by Vegas is listing (eBay) this one these days for the ever hefty sticker. Ed tells us that although today's Strat was not actually owned by Eric Johnson, EJ had this guitar at his home in Texas where he personally set it up-- not something that happens every day, I know. However, Ed doesn't give a rat's a$$ if you believe him or not, and he's never in a hurry to sell any of his inventory, which very probably & truly IS everything he says it is. You decide... Hmmm, sell the boat?

If anything, we have a great example of the Olympic White aging process here. Click the pics for closeups! For those of you on a budget, why not try this at home: Pour a can of condensed milk into a bowl, stick it in the back of the fridge uncovered (next to the baking soda) and forget about it. Another cheap science project you can pass on to junior for his middle school science fair.

Be sure and get over to Ed's and indulge yourself in the vintage debauchery of it all! It doesn't cost to peek...

Do you really need a boat?

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