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Silver Coin Guitar Picks and Holders

Silver Coin Guitar Picks

eBay seller giantguitars is the maker of Mojo Picks, produced from pre-1964 US silver coins, as well as few PESO picks. After 1964, American silver coins switched from 90% silver to nickle clad copper. So basically, all Mojo Picks are at least 90% silver.

At first I thought it strange that someone would be doing this to old coins that should certainly have more collectible value as just coins. But you don't have to be an expert to know that what makes most old coins of this era valuable isn't their content or age, it's their condition! Old US silver coins with very little or no wear would not be ground into guitar picks. But think of all the old well circulated and worn coins that must exist. These are the ones worth more as other crafty items.

In other words, the full meaning of the term "MINT CONDITION" fundamentally applies to COINS! Relic'd, aged, distressed, reissue version coins are not in style and never will be. The mint won't be producing relic coins to increase their exchange value anytime soon in this universe or dimension. Ain't gonna happen.

Great for gifts, stocking stuffers, conversation and just generally having a cool Texas bluesman vibe, Mojo Picks come with a little velveteen bag if you use the "Buy it Now!". Purchases of 3 or more also include a key ring with nifty leather pick pouch that snaps shut. Neato!

giantguitars is a high rated seller with over 12K positive ratings-- which means a whole lotta silver picks & muy happy customeros!

But wait! CLICK HERE for a variety of silver chain and pendant guitar pick holders for folks who prefer regular picks but might dig a cool & snazzy way to keep 'em handy at all times. That's right-- I just used the words "snazzy & neato" in writing-- a first at this blog.

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas and ridiculous adjectives!

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