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Resnicoff's 1990 Malmsteen - McLaughlin Interview

photo: Deborah Samuel

In a recent comment discussion thread at Pribek blog, Dave from Sans Direction contributed a link to an old 1990 Musician Magazine interview, just filled with nuggets of yummy guitar culture goodness! Matt Resnicoff, then editor at Musician, had managed to corral the likes of Yngwie and Mr. Mahavishnu himself into the same room for a most zany & rollicking discussion of guitar geek euphoria proportions.

Click Here for the complete interview. These guys really get into it! Sometimes you think somebody's gonna strangle the other guy, but they always manage find a point of strong agreement. At one point a frustrated Resnicoff exclaims, "There is no point! What kind of strings do you use?". But in the process a whole lotta insights are revealed! And when the name "Hendrix" inevitably comes up, things get real gushy-- as well they should. sniff.

Even if you're not a fan of classic Fusion or what Malmsteen does, artistic thinking guitar heads will still appreciate the concepts and dialogue stirred up. I laughed a lot!

Through the 80's and into the 90's, Matt Resnicoff wrote and edited for the long since departed Musician Mag, followed by writing stints at GW & GP. Surprisingly, Resnicoff no longer writes, even though he's one of the best music journalists ever; with a huge resume of major guitarist articles and interviews. He has gone on to produce recordings, write liner notes and gotten more into his own guitar playing as well.

A quick Google search turned up another interview of Resnicoff himself by Steven Ward for in which we discover even more insights about early guitar journalism, and the life of a music writer in the 80's & 90's. For example, as a writer, Matt Resnicoff was part of the legendary SRV-Jeff Beck tour. He also comments about other great writers i.e. Tom Wheeler, Jas Obrecht, Tom Mulhern, Bill Milkowski, Vic Garbarini and others-- real writers, as opposed to the hacks and bloggers you're stuck with nowadays;))).

All compelling reading!

Posted by Stratoblogster Nov. 10, 2009.

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