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Guitar Pulsar and Other Items

Guitar Pulsar Nebula

I just learned about the Guitar Pulsar Nebula at Pribek blog (Jack gets around!). The Guitar Pulsar has been around awhile-- no sh!#, but I guess they've just figured out some new stuff about its origins. Maybe Les Paul signaled back some vital info. from wherever he is. Anyway, click the Pribek link for more about that.

In more of my recent travels throughout the galaxy, I've discovered some other fun items.

Hittin' the Note magazine has a great interview with Derek Trucks.

Guitar & Bass Magazine, a UK publication, has a very cool article about 50's and early 60's model Stratocasters in the current issue. Sorry, it's not in their website, but you may be able to find it in your local Borders or Barnes & Noble magazine section. How many people know that the first rosewood slab Strat necks were created to save money over plain maple ones? That's right. If you know how that could be possible, feel free to comment!

Totally unrelated to guitar-- I've been enjoying the new Superfreakonomics book and am also checking out Malcom Gladwell's stuff. These cats know how to think! Something I hope to do someday as well.

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