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G-DEC Amps- A Fun Holiday Guitar Gift Idea!

Fender G-DEC review, tutorial video links, resources and dealers

While out of town visiting family during Thanksgiving, I had lotsa fun messing around with my niece's Fender G-DEC amp, and figuring out how it works.

Although there are tons of G-DEC demo vids online, the above Eric Johnson clip proves that it is possible to sound decent on a G-DEC tone-wise. Most of the clips out there feature the usual clowns going straight for the distortion and wankin' off.

There are a couple decent tutorial/review video sources though, which I'm including the links for below.

The thing to know is that beyond being digital modeling amps, the G-DEC's include lots of jam tracks with which you can vary the tempo, key and effects you're using. The modulation effects are rate adjustable, and there are a variety of delays. Other effects include octave/pitch shifting, ring modulation and auto wah. I really dig all the tweakablity with keys, tempos and effects.

Yes, everything is digital and shouldn't be compared to a full complement of hand built analog pedals through a good tube amplifier. But the amount of capability in a small package, for the price is beyond impressive. And, it's actually not as cheesy as this tone freak expected. Some of the jam tracks are quite respectable, plus, the sound on sound phrase sampling feature enables you to make your own jam tracks or enhance the stock ones. There's even an auto chromatic tuner!

With MIDI in and outs, the G-DEC also works direct with your computer studio tools programs.

So all in all, the G-DEC series is way more than just a wankin' toy. Creative musicians on a budget or not, who are willing to explore and utilize its capabilities, will find the G-DEC a useful and fun tool kit for practice, composing or even small venue gigs.

G-DEC Resource Links:

youtube.com/user/LearnGuitarGear - Youtube channel features several G-DEC tutorial clips utilizing PowerPoint control panel presentation.

GearWire Review/Tutorial. These guys do tons of gear review demos.

G-DEC Deals online:

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