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Fletcher Barton - 9 Year Old Pinch Harmonics Expert

Fletcher Barton is out there giggin', and doin' it right with a classic burst Strat! The Ohio based 4th grader also has the coolest website! Looks like young Mr. Barton's creative control has him livin' the life of a kid and playin' with the big boys-- havin' his cake and eatin' it too!

But seriously folks, it's more than enough to play like this at age nine, but to already be soooo good at pinch harmonics is beyond amazing!!! Phrasing reminds me of early Fly By Night era Alex Lifeson's solo in By Tor and the Snow Dog.

Too cool for school, too hot for teacher and too rad for a Disney gig!

Found at Truth In Shredding blog-- Thanks LM!

Also check: www.youtube.com/user/fletcherbarton

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