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Vintage 1964 Olympic RW Tone Icon! - #143 Friday Strat

Here is our very first Friday Strat with a friggin' video!!! Yeah, it took me 143 weekly features to get the idea of including a video. Sounds pretty bad in that context, but the truth is it ain't too often you run into a Strat like this on Youtube or anywhere else.

This video was just posted on Sept. 30, 09. The guitar, a vintage '64 Strat-- currently for sale, is located at a music store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Click the video screen for contact info. at the Youtube page, in the details block. Serious inquiries only folks cuz this ain't no giveaway!

The cat playing is not a guitar legend or anything-- and not to slight him in the least, just know that this isn't a case where somebody like Eric Johnson picks any bowling pin off the rack and makes it sound good.

Nope. This '64 almost plays itself! And you can hear the great set-up & intonation, which says a lot for it's current caregivers. My computer speakers are picking up every bit of this delightful little morsel! It looks to be light weight too, if you watch how he handles it. Seriously, this clip is Strat Porn folks.

The more I watch it, the more I wanna grind the poly off my '94. Yes! My next project!!!

Hopefully, they'll keep this video uploaded even after it sells, because what you're hearing is a true gold standard for Strat tones. When it all comes together just right, this is what the ideal, iconic Strat sounds like whether Leo planned it that way or not. So add the video to your favorites/bookmarks as a handy reference for Strat tone.

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