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Vintage 1959 Strat For Sale by Reputable Gear Dealer

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1959 Strat headstock
1959 Sunburst Strat Finish CheckingClick photos for larger view
1959 Sunburst Stratocaster
Oct. 12, 2009
For anyone who's seen that fraud '59 burst "mint" Strat currently listed at Craigslist for $38K-- the one in which the seller says, "Don't send me hate mail...", HERE'S A REAL '59 STRAT currently listed at eBay by Portland Music , a 100% rated seller and premier gear dealer in Oregon for decades.


"Original 1959 Fender Stratocaster / 100% percent all original except for Partial Refin. All Cavities are 100% Original Factory Nitro! Original date 12 / 59 written in trem pocket

This one nice old Strat / Plays and sounds incredible just like a 50's Strat should

All in perfect order "Very Clean" / The original tuners are back on / Pat Pend saddles / Original trem bar / Trem cover / knobs, pickups / pickguard / neck , body , tuners / All matching pots Marked 5948! 3 way switch / Original brown hard case

Pro refret done years ago / weigh 7.4 pounds / Usual no date on neck heel

Happy to answer questions"

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