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Vintage 1958 Burst ESTATE SALE- Friday Strat #144

Vintage 58 Strat
1958 Stratocaster

"Papa was a rollin' stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
An when he died
All that he left us was a '58 Strat..."

art image: www.philipmortongallery.com


Currently at $3,050 with 43 bids and 4 days to go-- where this one's gonna stop, don't nobody know!

So check this out:

"...I bought this Fender Stratocaster at an estate sale. The people who sold it to me said that it belonged to their deceased father. They knew nothing about it. I don’t know much about guitars myself, so I did some research. I took the neck off and 4-58 is written on the back of the neck. See photo. Also written in one of the pickup cavities is 1958. I compared the electronics to some photos of other Stratocaster of that era and came to the conclusion that the electronics are probably not original. So to be on the safe side I am selling this guitar as a relic. I make no guarantees as to its authenticity other than the fact that it is a Fender Stratocaster. It looks like it has been played..."

Oh yeah, look at that fretboard... I'd say that Papa played the livin' hell out of it! Yet the kids "knew nothing about it"-- and apparently weren't that interested. Get the idea that this seller got a deal? There is some issue about the "electronics" to sort out, and there is no case.

My theory about the case is that it's inside a wall somewhere in the house; stuffed with money, Raleigh cigarette coupons, baseball cards, the entire Franklin Mint Elvis plate series or just some old scrap gold he was planning on sending to cashforgold.com. Only a hunch. And when/if the kids find the case, they'll just set it out on the curb without even opening it-- no matter how heavy it is.

Or maybe Pops won it in poker game.

Anyway, this one will be fun to watch!

Seller Info:

scarletletterantiques - 100% rated (poetic username huh!)

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