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Suhr Standard Cat's Eye Chambered - Friday #158

Suhr Semi-hollow Curly Koa Top

Suhr Standard Cat's Eye
Food & Beverage Suggestion:
Smoked Texas Brisket Tacos
Nopalitos - (jullienned cactus rolled in corn meal & deep fried)
Shiner Bock on draft

Suhr Standard Curly Koa
Suhr Standard ChamberedClick pics for closeups!

Ed Note: We've featured this one before, but not as a Friday Strat.

This is almost too sexy for me to take, in spite of being a hardtail. Nothin' wrong with a hardtail as far as I can see here.

ANDYS-GUITARS-ETC eBay Store, a Tallahassee, FL based hi-end dealer listed this BRAND NEW Suhr Standard Cat's Eye Chambered with mahogany body & neck, Brazilian RW fretboard and curly Koa top. The HB's are Suhr SSV & SSH, and the single is a Fletcher-Landau. Sperzels, jumbo frets and mother of pearl dots/headstock logo round things out in a high style.

It's a beautiful thing!

The listing includes lots of pics including the Suhr dealer order sheet.

Andy's has a few other Suhr models including a sibling T-style Cat's Eye Chambered, as well as some fine guitars by Melancon and Trussart!

They gotta lotta nice guitars! A Haw Haw Haw!

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