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Marissa Paternoster, Punk Strat-o-Sister

So 40 years after Woodstock, we finally see an edgy power trio led by a girl guitarist/vocalist. And although the band name is Screaming Females, the rhythm section is male.

I think Marissa Paternoster is our first Punk Strat-o-Sister. The New Brunswick, NJ based guitarist's main axe appears to be a natural ash G&L Legacy which she uses to defy the Punk stereotype of guitar solo minimalism. In other words, this girl solos as if her life depends upon it. Vocally, she's obviously more about Punk, but I have little trouble imagining Marissa onstage at Woodstock belting out protest anthems. And she's just as comfortable covering Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" as "One More Chance" by The Jackson Five... In her own special way.

Shake it up baby! Shred and Shout!!!


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