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Kelly Richey, Cincinatti Strat-o-Sister

Kelly Richey knows how to play a Strat. A vintage one at that! Listening to this performance, there are so many licks and phrases you just wouldn't hear played on anything but a Stratocaster. Which pretty much makes this Strat-o-Sister an honorary Strat-ology professor in my book.

She rips it up too-- one of those no-nonsense American heartland ladies who can kick start a Harley, run yer a$$ over and do it all with heart and soul!

Special thanks to Laurie Monk from Truth in Shredding for letting us know about Kelly!

Discover more about Kelly Richey:

www.kellyrichey.com (ck the "Connect" link! This gal is Web 2.0 big time-lotsa links!)

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