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Hendrix Strat Now Available Following Settlement

1967 Strat formerly owned by Jimi Hendrix
October, 2009
San Diego resident Greg Dorsett (pictured) is finally able to sell this '67 burst Strat, once belonging to Jimi Hendrix. Sale of the guitar was frozen as the result of a lawsuit filed by Experience Hendrix LLC regarding the guitar's authenticity and other legal blah blah woof woof cluster faux (that's French folks!)...

And now with the case settled, this guitar is available for serious buyers through RockStarsGuitars.com for the nominal price of $500K. They have all the authentication you need too kids-- having just been through the wringer against Janie and the gang. So there is little doubt that this is the real thing. WTF? Do they DNA test ??!

But hurry before Paul Allen snatches it up! I wonder if Mr. Dorsett would accept a couple Portland Trailblazers in trade... Too bad San Diego doesn't have an NBA franchise.

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Don't forget to check that '64 in Ft. Lauderdale for only $25K (Sorry, no Hendrix DNA).

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