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Handbook for Guitar Teachers by Rob Hampton

How to teach guitar lessons

kids who play guitar(photo: David W. Oliveira/ Standard-Times)

I'm honored this week to review Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook, officially released Oct. 3, 2009. Rob Hampton is a very successful private guitar teacher in Seattle, whose blog we've linked to for about 3 years.

I don't know how many manuals have been written to
teach guitar teachers how to teach guitar, but I do know there are zillions of guitar teachers, lesson methods, systems, books, videos, websites, etc. And to say zillions is probably conservative.

Having never read a manual created for guitar teachers before, I'd have to say Rob's new book is the best one I've read so far. But further, after having taught a high school guitar class for 3 years myself, I can without doubts or reservations deem this The Bible of beginner-intermediate guitar instruction!

In light & humorous fashion that's a pleasure to read, Hampton leaves no stones unturned in addressing everything you need to know about teaching guitar but were afraid or didn't know to ask. I mean everything too! Included are advices, resources, links and references on how to get started on tight budget, i.e. creating your business logo and business cards cheap, personal planning software, setting up your space, charging for your services, business licensing, taxes, downloads for progress charts, tab sheets, recommended songs, etc...

I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff too.

We discover that becoming a guitar teacher is one of the most inexpensive small business start-ups there is, and at $80/hour, 3-4 one hour lessons per day and a 5 year waiting list, Rob knows what he's talking about and is doing very well (Ok, he didn't start at that rate). The important thing is discovering whether teaching guitar is the right thing for YOU. Required are passion, patience and the willingness to deal with people who don't know how to do something you may be very good at. In case the top photo wasn't a clue, Rob specializes in BEGINNERS. This means lots of kids, short attention spans and emotions. He describes various scenarios and anecdotes in the life of a guitar instructor. That's why you don't just get into this for the big bucks.

However, if teaching guitar really is your thing, just knowing this, is half the journey. The rest is organization, administration and using those people skills; all covered in the handbook. The guide also helps you reveal to yourself if you shouldn't teach. Otherwise, this is a great book for any parent considering guitar lessons for their child as it provides a standard when choosing instructors. Also, you might know a guitarist with a knack for teaching, who might be on the fence about really making it a career. This book is a valuable tool for helping sort out these various situations.

Coincidentally, I'm delivering my first private lesson tomorrow. So this book couldn't have come along at a better time to wake me up with new ideas and old reminders!

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook is currently available as an instant download eBook pdf format. Don't worry, this is NOT one of those quicky eBooks of nifty tips by cheesy marketers who keep you waiting for the punchline. Hampton's eBook includes a full table of contents, appendix and index, covering a wide breadth of topics, in under 150 pages.

For a taste of what's so awesome about Rob Hampton, just take a moment to review the kind of results he gets in the following Youtube clips:

Wesley (Never been to Reno.)
Axel & Emma (hear the espresso machine in the beginning... Seattle!!!)
Connor (EVEN YOUNGER!!!)

Now YOU know for sure!

Rob teaches adults too, but the kids are so amazing!

Order the book at:

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook

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