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"The Filthy Rich" by Andy Elliott - Friday Strat #145

Elliot Guitars
Elliot Guitars The Filthy Rich

North Carolina based Boutique builder Andy Elliott specializes in F-style guitars, particularly the Jazzmaster platform, and even makes a special Peter Stroud model J-type called "The Tone Master". That right there oughta tell ya something about the caliber of an Elliott guitar.

Our featured Elliott S-type model is called "The Filthy Rich"-- that's what it's called alright. Only available in gold and finished as you see above, this model sports an alder body, lap-sawn maple neck, madagascar rosewood fb and Callaham hardware. The Elliott website makes little reference to preferred pickups and electronics, though he mentions custom building the pups for Stroud's Tone Master. Elliott is a big fan of wider fret slots and epoxying the frets in order to alleviate unnecessary neck tension, and let the truss rod do its job-- plus of course, minimize dead spots as well.

Andy Elliott also does repair work, is a Martin Authorized Repair center, and dealer of some hi-end lines i.e. Matchless & 65 Amps.

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