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Dick Dale to Musician's Hall of Fame!

photo: Crystal Chatham - The Desert Sun

I just read a very interesting and well written article about Dick Dale at www.mydesert.com
giving a pretty in-depth view of the Strat-o-Blastin', King of Surf, 72 year old punker! They also mention Dick is soon to be inducted into Nashville's Musician's Hall of Fame along with Chet Atkins, Charlie Daniels, Billy Cox-- yeah, that's Billy Cox from Band of Gypsies, along with a few other quite valid non-pop icon MUSICIANS.

I'm diggin' this Musician's HOF. On the other hand, the Rock & Roll HOF has become a joke lately with some of their inductee choices. We'll probably see Obama there soon! He's a rock star, right?!

And while I'm on a rant, has anybody else been paying attention to the Stratocaster Hero features at musicradar.com? Talk about some cluelessness! They started with 35 Strat Players to celebrate 55 years of the Stratocaster. I proposed featuring no less than 55 players since that obviously makes more sense. I even assembled a list of 30 or so additional Strat players; posting them here and at musicradar. They recently added another 10 "Unsung" Strat heroes-- still 10 short of the big 55 goal. What's so difficult, radar heads?

Still not included in the current musicradar big 45 are Dick Dale and even Eric Clapton! No kiddin'! Not to mention other prominent & hardly obscure Strat players.

For my contributions, help and traffic referral to musicradar.com, the thanks I got was an email requesting that I remove a photo they own from my earlier post. Anyone recall the pic of Jeff Beck pointing into the camera? At least they know about Jeff Beck-- wonder who told 'em...

Anyway, DICK DALE!!! Stratocaster Hero and still rockin' at 72!

musicradar get a clue!!!

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