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DeTemple '56 Zsa Zsa Black - Friday Strat #146

DeTemple '56 Strat-type

DeTemple '56 Strat in Black

Sorry only this photo. Just know that this is a DeTemple '56 custom, refinished in what Jim at Tradarama calls "Zsa Zsa Black", which could be named after Michael DeTemple's cat depending upon how you read the description.

Here's the important thing to know kids... DeTemple is pretty much the guru Strat builder's guru Strat builder-- and there's a 36 month waiting list for new DeTemple guitars. Last I checked at least. Maybe since the mortgage crisis that's changed to... oh, 48 months. I really don't know. Why don't you go check, ok.

One thing I do know for sure is that Tradarama has at least three DeTemple S-types in stock RIGHT NOW for anyone to procure RIGHT NOW!

It's really a matter of priority, see. Say you drive a BMW M6 or a Benz 500S or 600S. If you were willing to get your priorities right, you could acquire two new Camry's, all three DeTemple's and give wifey a spiffy kitchen remodel for the same money.

That kitchen thing is real important too, guys!

If you don't roll that high, consider selling a kidney. It's still worth it, and you don't have to wait 36 months! So, what's on YOUR to-do list for the upcoming week? Let's toughen up and face these decisions together. I'm available for counseling.

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(I'm feeling lucky.)

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