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Custom Shop 67 Hendrix Strat by John Page

Custom Shop Hendrix Strat by John PageClick for closeups!

This is a 1991 early Custom Shop '67 Hendrix build by John Page. The old oval Custom Shop stamp is also behind the headstock. Netherlands based eBay Store The Fellowship of Acoustics is listing this as a BIN, and provides tons of clear photos, including extensive dissection pics and detailed info. According to the seller, "approximately 10" of these were made.

You should be able to verify this with a call to Fender Consumer Relations 1 (800) 856-9801. Just give 'em ser# VO56893.

Current listing item ID is 130329145387 otherwise refer to the seller link above.

The seller has 100% rank, several hundred positive ratings and a large hi-end vintage inventory. Do your homework and ask questions, especially when dealing offshore.

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