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Book Review - Words of the Music Masters

Words of the Music Masters book
I was privileged to advance review a very cool book just released a few days ago. Words of the Music Masters by Tom Sawada & Federico Pereiro is a focused series of interview questions posed to eight world class contemporary musicians; delving into principals about artistic development.

The chapters take you through the various phases of a musician's evolution; from just starting out, to developing skill & technique, working with other musicians to managing a career. Each chapter poses a series of pertinent questions to each of the featured musicians.

If you are inspired and enlightened by musician interviews in music magazines, and look forward to reading interviews, you'll appreciate this book. Much more structured than typical interviews, these provide immediate differences and similarities of perspective from artist to artist with each question. I personally found it very compelling reading, especially as there's a lot of information compiled in one publication. The questions are thought provoking, and you get everyone's viewpoint just as if they were all in one room at the same time. As a fan of artist interviews, I'm lovin' this book!

The artists include guitarists, bassists and drummers currently working in various genres. They comprise session musicians; alumni of Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, studio players as well as metal and punk artists.

For more details, the featured artists, reviews and order info., check out the official website:


They also have a sneak preview pdf download, as well as different forms in which the book can be ordered, including an audio version.

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