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Zack Dudzik - Strat Tone Chaser & Slider's Pickup User

Rod of sliderspickups turned me on to this clip by Zack Dudzik demoing a set of Slider's 69's in a Voodoo Strat (notice *reverse angle bridge pup), thru a Marshall Super 100JH.

After Castles, Zack goes into the Hendrix rendition of Killin' Floor. Check out the nifty volume knob technique for copping a backwards effect. Cool stuff! Welcome Zack to our Strat-o-Brother's Directory!

Keep tabs on Zack's Youtube Channel (above link) for upcoming vids.

*MetalShopMusic stocks reverse Voodoo style pickguards for righty Strats. They call 'em "Gypsy Pickguards"

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