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Trading "LUST" for EMG's - Strats With Issues #6

ej strat pickups
I'm banging my skull on the floor with this one. Ok, so here's the dealio-- this guy is auctioning off the pickups from his EJ Strat (or BIN for $310!!!). Below are some choice listing excerpts for your enjoyment-- from the Twilight Zone:

"...Well if you are looking for that classic Eric Johnson tone, ala ‘Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘Desert Rose’—you will need these! These pickups are from my 2007 Fender Artist Series Eric Johnson Stratocaster—and you will not find these sold in any store, online retailer or through Fender—they are only available with the purchase of this particular guitar. These pickups can produce just about any tone variety you could lust for, from clean blues to raunchy rock riffs...

I have had EMG’s reinstalled in this particular guitar and have no further use for these pickups...

"Ruh roh! Ree Rem Ree's!"

Included in sale: EJ pickups (neck, middle and bridge); 5-way pickup selector switch; 1 volume and 2 tone control pots and instrument cable jack..."

So, where do we start?

Ok, I got it-- Having quenched his own lust for tone he is now choosing a calmer path of austerity and sterile stability through the lobotomization & cannibalization of what is perhaps THE best integrated & QC'd Fender production model.


Oh yeah, and he's also including the pots, switch & jack-- but not the pickguard? Doesn't Mr. Cuckoo's Nest realize how much time & effort he could save both himself and his customer by selling it all loaded in the pickguard. Can't he spring for another pickguard in which to install his precious & frigid EMG's, controls and jack?! Let's get a clue here Chief!

Here was a Strat with NO issues.

In case you don't believe me, check out item #270446689452.

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