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Tom Anderson Hollow Classic Blonde - Friday #142

Anderson Guitars

Anderson Hollow Classic Trans Blonde
Food & Beverage Suggestion:
Fettuccine Alfredo
Poached King Salmon w/Lemon & Capers
Pinot Gris (not too dry)

Tom Anderson Hollow Transparent
Tom Anderson Strat Hollow Blonde

Ooooooh! Click those pics for close-ups kids!

What can ya say but oooooh! This Anderson Hollow Classic transparent blonde with gold hardware is all about elegance and loaded with top shelf wood, components & electronics from one end to the other-- and all points in between. Swamp ash, big frets and Buzz Feiten equipped. Gourmet Sexycasterness throughout!


Seller Info:

axesandhogs - 100% rated

Item location: Richmond, VA, United States

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