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Steve Lukather Guitars & Amp Gear Listed at eBay!!!

Luke's Blackface Princeton
Steve Lukather Fender-Rivera Princeton Blackface 
COLLECTOR ALERT!!! Princeton Item ID# 200380004115

Guitarist Steve Lukather is cleanin' house!

eBay seller l.a.vintagegear & client Steve Lukather are auctioning some of Luke's legendary gear right now. This is serious *legit kids! In addition to the above pictured Paul Rivera modded Princeton (used from '76 to '82 & should be in the Smithsonian), other listed Lukather gear includes:

Bradshaw Switching System
Valley Arts Guitar
Rivera Knucklehead Amp Head
Rickenbacker 362/12 Doubleneck Guitar
Lukather/Chet Atkins Gibson Guitar

and more...

* l.a.vintagegear is a 100% rated Powerseller. All listings contain extremely detailed verification description data and photographs. As always-- Due Diligence!

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