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Skull Crusher Overdrive Pedal from Tonebox

Skull Crusher PedalKeef??

Tonebox Skull Crusher Control Panel
Here's a brand new product release from Tonebox.com

This ain't cheese either kids-- check out the folks involved the following press release excerpt:

"Ventura , CA September 17, 2009 - Destined to create more than just another effects pedal, Tone Box, Inc. sets out to break the mold of traditional stomp box shapes and tones adding a new dimension to every musician’s on-stage performance. Co-founded by industry veteran, Kasha and special effects creator, Shawn Crosby, Tone Box officially unveils its first product, the Skull Crusher. Kasha and Crosby saw the need to kick the pedal world into overdrive when they noticed, as Crosby states - “the current market selection was simply boring in their appearance and presentation on stage. We wanted something that adds a visual third dimension to the musicians playing and tone.” Aligning themselves with ‘A’ List rock stars and utilizing the production services of Rockmodules, Skull Crusher has opened the doors on what is only the beginning of a promising line of pedal effects..."

The Skull Crusher offers multiple voice settings, is available in assorted finishes and already being used on stage exclusively by established name guitarists.

Get the full scoop at Tonebox.com !!!


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