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Life Changing Guitar Solos...

This image is the #1 Google Images result right now for search term "guitar solo".

Clinton over at The Guitar Column blog is celebrating his 100th blog post with a list of 8 solos that changed his life. Dunno why he decided on "8", but since it's the symbol for infinity, let's just roll with it.

One of his favs is the Hendrix Watchtower solo-- and he asks if anyone knows how Jimi did the "slide" part. Did he actually use a slide or what? What say you? I say no slide at all. Go check his top 8, and add your two cents to the Hendrix thing.

Meanwhile, here's my top 8 life changing guitar solos this moment:

1 - Hendrix - Power to Love (intro. part from original Band of Gypsys album)

2 - Clapton - Crossroads - live w/Cream

3 - Trower - Too Rollin' Stoned - Bridge of Sighs studio version

4 - Jimmy Page - Whole Lotta Love - studio

5 - Jeff Beck - Love is Green - Wired album

6 - Michael Schenker - Mother Mary - UFO's "Force It" album

7 - Allan Holdsworth - In the Dead of Night - UK

8 - Scott Henderson - Tore Down House - title cut from TDH album

It's really hard to stop at 8! But the above aren't carved in stone and could be replaced by solos from Eric Johnson, EVH, SRV, Steve Morse, Satriani, Johnny Winter... and the list goes on.

What are your top 8? If it helps, keep thinking "LIFE CHANGING".

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