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Krause Masterbuilt Endless Pinstripe - Issues #7

Custom Shop COA
Masterbuilt Krause Green Pinstripe

This installment of Strats With Issues comes from the upper echelons of Custom Shopdom.

Overlying a Todd Krause built 1970 style hardtail is the "Endless Pinstripe" art theme of artist Troy Lee. To call it unique is certainly an understatement. Actually I'm featuring this especially for GL Wilson at Guitarz Blog who, if I recall correctly, has a particular fondness for pinstripes-- elaborate pinstripes. If you're reading this G, just know it's the thought that counts ok!

And why with all this graphic craziness, is it a hardtail? Maybe a trem would detract... OR maybe they figured a trem might take it over the top into pharmaceutical disclaimer territory-- "If you experience audio & visual modulations for more than 4 hours, you should seek immediate medical help."

Anyone really captivated with this sort of Sci-Fi Channelosity can Buy it Now! for a hefty upper 4 figure sum. It's Masterbuilt for a master race from outer space, and way in yo face!

Item ID# 110288359349
eBay Seller - Music Gallery Inc

Strats With Issues kids!

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