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Heritage STAT For Sale, That's S-T-A-T !

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Heritage STAT GuitarClick images for close-up view!

'86 Heritage Stat
Guitar Adoptions currently lists this "near mint" '86 Heritage Stat in their pre-owned section. Yes, I'm saying Stat... S-T-A-T.

As to whether that's short for STATocaster or STATistic is open to your own metaphoric interpretations.

For those unfamiliar with Heritage, in a nutshell, this company was formed by the old pre-Henry J., Gibson hold-out crew in Kalamazoo-- the "Hell No, We Won't Go! (to Tennessee) folks. In a nutshell ok, and I'm the head nut here, so don't comment with the whole story. Anyone interested is advised to research it beyond this post-- please!

Heritage has been chuggin' along, although not without some ups and downs. Interestingly enough, their current home web page includes the full GPS Coordinates to their facility.

"GPS Co-ordinates for: Heritage Guitar Inc.
( NAD-27, Map setting for your GPS )
Decimal Degrees / Deg:Min:Sec
Latitude 42.301049 42:18:3.776N
Longitude -085.580807 85:34:50.905W"

So load this in your TomTom or Garmin for a recon road trip to Kalamazoo, and relay back to us your intel on secure channels ok!

Back to the STAT. Web research indicates the STAT was produced from '86 to 91 the end of the big hair era (better late than never). However, the "Model History" page at Heritage' site omits the STAT from their '85 to 93 model introduction lineup. Maybe this is because simply leaving out the "R" wasn't sufficient for certain parties to the West who need no introduction or the inclusion of GPS co-ordinates.

Gibby DNA includes a set mahogany neck, maple on bound mahogany body and a 17 degree tilt headstock-- just so's ya know where it's comin' from. Shifting gears, we have a 22 fret neck, 25.5" scale length and Fullertonesque body contours (I wish they all could be California Girls!). Our featured model includes a Kahler locking system and HSS pickup config. My theory about why all those pickup switches is that they were incorporated as a subterfuge to keep the S-T-A-T in the bag, so to speak. Whereas, a simple 5 pos lever switch might have revealed too much similarity... Just my theory.

Hey! They made it from '86 to 91 hidin' behind those little toggles, right?

But I ramble. In spite of-- and maybe even because of it's interesting history, combined with the marvelous condition of this particular guitar, we're looking at a very collectible instrument for the connoisseur of nichey American electric guitars. Maybe even one who doesn't live in Hong Kong. It could happen.

According to the Harmony Central reviews, STAT owners love these guitars, and also dig the support they continue to get from Heritage. So save those GPS co-ordinates kids!

Guitar Adoptions has a large selection of very clean hi-end pre-owned guitars. They're also dealers for G&L, Michael Tuttle, Flaxwood, Giffin, Larivee & Delilah premium guitar lines.

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