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Gibson Hendrix S-Type? FOLLOW-UP

I dug when the Hendrix family recovered the rights to everything and started releasing materials. Alan Douglas was a scum. I also look forward to all the new material coming out. As for this Gibson-Strat thing, I just think that Janie doesn't understand the guitar culture demographic out there well enough. But Gibson does...

Lots of companies and boutique guitar builders mimic the Strat platform. But involving Gibson in this context obviously strikes a sensitive nerve out there. It's like the McQueen family consorting with GM to build Bullitt Mustangs in the Corvette plant. That sort of thing really pushes people's buttons.

A cool thing for Janie to have done would have been to establish a licensed by FMIC production project involved with training underprivileged youth to build these guitars. What a sweet PR scenario that could have been! Gibson just plain knows better. They have no excuse.


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