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Fruscianti's Fretless '57 Strat by Ned Evett

Guitar Player magazine called Ned Evett "The world's first fretless guitar rockstar." Now before you groan, "Ohhh no, fretless is too weird...", ya gotta listen to Ned!

Evett started off building his own glass fingerboard modified necks for Strats. In the above 2006 video, Ned demonstrates on a '57 Strat he was setting up for John Frusciante. Not to worry, that's not the original '57 neck.

For me, fretless has always been a little interesting but mostly too strange, probably because fretless players are often playing very avant garde micro-tonal Indian stuff that I can't ever seem to time my buzz to. Ned, however, is whippin' out some cool Sonny Landreth sounding licks and voicings. Then from a different corner of the spectrum, you can hear some Mattias IA Eklundh harmonic tones and attack.

Doncha wonder what those guys would think of this video? I'm wondering!

This is crazy, but maybe violinists and cellists were on the right track all along... Still, I like big frets, and I cannot lie!


Special thanks to reader Adam for sharing this! Adam had the chance to hang out with Evett at the Fretless Guitar Fest in NYC.

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