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Eleven Electrix Effects Pedals USA Dealer

Italian Guitar Pedals

CustomGuitarBoutique.com of NYC is bringing in Italy's Eleven Electrix effects line! I can almost understand the above demo video by Enrico Santacatterina, the Gearmanndude of the Mediterranean. At least the word Overdrive is an international term. We always have fun with Italian gear because of the sexy elements they incorporate. Whether it's Molinelli's G-Spot guitar model or Cicognani Amps control panel setting labeled "Sexy". Click here for more about them.

Now Italy is bringing us pedals that must be sexy too. Check out the slim profile of this pedal-- how it is low to the ground like a... Lamborghini? I'm tellin' ya! There's ALWAYS something about Italian products that indicates they're Italian.

Contact the Boutique for translation and details on Eleven Electrix pedals. Let 'em know Stratoblogster sent you-- and be sure to ask what makes these pedals so sexy!

Lattanzi Shoes
BTW, if you think the Relic phenomenon is exclusive to guitar gear and the US, just know the Italians own that concept too.

Italian shoemaker Silvano Lattanzi has a line of handmade loafers that are buried in an aging pit for 4 years. Pictured are the "Scarpe de Fossa" collection-- Italian for "entombed shoes".

And is $12,000 a pair sexy enough for ya?!

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