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Aynsley Lister, Another UK Strat-o-Brother

Haven't added a new Strat-o-Brother feature for awhile (too busy pimpin' gear...). Spider sent me this Aynsley Lister video link. I'm diggin' the serious razor Strat tones in the opening chords of this one. Although new to me, I'm positive our UK friends are quite familiar with Lister who has a few albums out and several vids on the Youtube, although this is my favorite-- thanks again Spider!

I'm even diggin' the name Aynsley Lister; a most excellent & killer name for a guitar player doncha think?

Aynsley has opened for some heavies including Robin Trower, and his latest album Equilibrium, released in March of '09, features Robbie McIntosh. Just an interesting observation, Lister's previous and current bass player are both women, which adds a cool dynamic & look. Current bassist Midus Guerreiro hails from Lisbon, Portugal.

All the rest of you Yanks and other non-Brits can get up to speed on Aynsley Lister at these links:

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