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Robben Ford & Sakashta Guitars- Pickups

ed note: In Feb. 2010, Taku Sakashta was tragically murdered.

Steppin' out of the Strat-o-sphere for a moment to comment on Robben Ford and his current fave guitars by Taku Sakashta. Over the years we've seen Ford with a variety of guitars from 335's to Tele's to Strats to LP's and a few points in between i.e. his Fender signature model and more Gene Baker stuff. And although you never know what he'll be playing tomorrow, these days he's performing a lot with the black Sakashta guitar you see in the above July 2009 Portland, Oregon Waterfront Blues Fest performance.

At first, the video quality seems pretty mediocre, but keep listening. That guitar has some serious definition and intonation! BTW, Sakashta also winds his own pickups-- mainly humbuckers, based on the PAF. Robben Ford's chords, voicings and punctuated riffs really showcase what this guitar is about. Ford has remained pretty loyal to Dumble amps which I assume he's using in the video.

RF has a new live release out called Soul on 10. Click Here for a recent podcast promoting Ford's new release, compliments of John at Earbender. This might make some feel old, but Robben's current bass player is Travis Carlton, son of Larry... Holy cow!

One of the best Robben Ford interviews I've seen is from Oct. '07 by Brian D. Holland for Modern Guitars Magazine , which includes a lot about Ford's earlier session work with a bunch of legendary artists.

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