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New Catalinbread SFT Pedal Debuts Sept 1, 09

Catalinbread SFT PedalPortland, Oregon based pedal geeks Catalinbread are officially releasing their new SFT pedal in just a couple days. They asked me to tell you about it.

They also have this to say:

"SFT? What could that mean?: Sushi Frappacino Tort? Sigma Fart Truffle? Super Fantastic Turtle? Slippery Finger Treat? Sensational Fork Trick? Sneaky For Trumpets? Special Friend Trade? Smack For Thee?Smog From Toronto? Swarm Frog Trees? Some Fanatical Thing? Siamese Frigate Troop? Swamp Father Tate? Superman Fails Triginometry? Sail For Tuscon? Shrimp For Trout? Smothered Form Triplicates? Smash Fate Technology? Simple Funky Tone? Sword Falling Tutor?

Who knows what it stands for? But it Sounds Fu*ck*ing Tasty..."

These folks must start every morning at the Voodoo Doughnut!

Click the image for details and demo vids!

Stay tuned to these fine Caitlinbread Dealers:

Tone Factor

Axe & You Shall Receive

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