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Natalie Wells Band - Cincinnati Strat-o-Sister!

(image: www.nataliewells.net)
Natalie Wells Cincinnati Guitar Girl
Special thanks to reader Brian, who got in touch to let us know about Natalie Wells. Voted 2003 Cincinnati Blues Artist of the Year, Natalie had only first picked up the guitar around 2001 according to the write-up in her About page.

I think Brian says it best, "...She's phenomenal, and I'm not saying that she's great for a girl or anything like that... she's just flat out AWESOME- male or female..."

I almost missed this one because Brian emailed me with the subject line, "Check this girl out!" which could be trouble y'know. So anyone suggesting a Strat-o-Sister is recommended to include "Guitar" in the subject text. If Mrs. Stratoblogster hadn't been away at the time, I simply would have deleted Brian's email...

Anyway, Natalie Wells is the real deal! Visit the above link and check out her videos, including a jammin' cover of Trower's "Day of the Eagle". Yeah, this gal gets into some serious material!

BTW folks, you really have to check out our Strat-o-Sister Directory for several of the most current badass guitar playin' women i.e. Chelsea Constable, Carolyn Wonderland, Orianthi and many more. Music sites & blogs out there are STILL featuring top girl guitarist lists with 70's pop chicks. I mean, I still love Joan Jett, Nancy Wilson and Lita Ford, but let's get up to speed here folks!

Lot's of people are still just now discovering Jennifer Batten-- which is a wee bit tardy, doncha think?!


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