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Latest Mark Knopfler Release "GET LUCKY" Review

Mark Knopfler Get Lucky ReviewTrack List:
Border Reiver 04:35
Hard Shoulder 04:33
You Can't Beat The House 03:26
Before Gas And TV 05:51
Monteleone 03:39
Cleaning My Gun 04:43
The Car Was The One 03:56
Remembrance Day 05:06
Get Lucky 04:34
So Far From The Clyde 05:59
Piper To The End 05:47

I was just honored to receive an advance download of "GET LUCKY"-- the latest offering from Mark Knopfler, scheduled for release Sept. 14-15, 2009.

Knopfler fans who've taken solace with Brothers in Arms, will find plenty of rooms and open spaces in which to rest or stroll here. The rootsy, nostalgic feel of this album juxtaposes simpler times with the present, allowing us to look at where we are today from another place. Very cinematic stuff that puts perspective on the world around us, as expressed in the tunes "Before Gas and TV", "The Car Was the One" as well as the title cut.

As you can see, it's very difficult to review this album strictly on its guitar aspects. The guitars are definitely there, with acoustics and signature electric tones layered and woven throughout lush arrangements of strings and the ever familiar Celtic pipes we've also come to expect from the Scotsman. The spaces are critically important and the rock flavors come in ballad form with more firm resolve than dance floor abandon, as in "Cleaning my Gun".

This is a work for and on many levels, but mostly for grown ups who've had a chance to experience living and working for what it is. With lyrics similarly austere as Springsteen's Nebraska, the arrangements on the other hand are deep, wide and open with music growing from every nook and cranny, and around every bend.

Co-produced with Chuck Ainlay & Guy Fletcher, the album has the classic Mark Knopler feel. Certain moments have a Daniel Lanois feel too. This is one you'll take out and enjoy like and with old wine for years to come.

In summary, Get Lucky has enough timeless feel to lose yourself in like a great old movie one never tires of watching. Guitar-wise, Mark Knopfler has long established himself, so now it's on to the rest of the journey...

"Ya win some. Ya might get lucky now and then... Yeah, ya win some..."

Special thanks to John Rosenfelder at for the opportunity to enjoy and review this release!

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