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Guitar Art Graphics Dominated by Women?

(image: "Rodeogirl Redux" by Janet K. Miller)
Custom Guitar Graphics
I'm talkin' about all the professional women artists out there doing guitar graphics today, not women merely as subject matter a la pin-up stickers, bomber gals, etc., although we gotta have them too! Besides relic jobs, decals and more gas tank flames, the custom theme guitar finish thing is growing. It's moving into the high art zone too with women leading the way.

Below is a list of 6 great gals; serious fine artists, who happen to include guitars in their medium. Some of the links go to prior posts we've featured here. Those posts include links to the artist's sites.

Janet K. Miller - Teamed up with luthier & inlay wizard Chris Larsen to form Tucson based Girl Brand Guitars . Miller's reverse glass painting technique themes adorn the bodies of Larsen's T-style guitars. The bio page alone at Janet's site is almost impressive enough, but ya still gotta check out all the pics at both sites (both links above). Also pay close attention to the pickup selector switch labelings. My personal faves are the Poppy Girl, Robert Johnson Girl and the above pictured Rodeo Girl.

Pamelina H - Well known for her work with Fender Custom Shop, Pamelina has a huge catalog of guitar graphics projects. Her volume of work with FCS is nothing short of iconic; with such projects as Playboy's Anniversary Marilyn Strat, the Harley-Davidson Strat, the Bettie Page models, the Hendrix Monterey replicas and an ongoing list.

Lysa Provencio - I recently discovered Lysa who is also contributing to Fender Custom Shop, doing projects for FCS Master Builder Jason Smith. She appears to have gotten involved with guitar projects recently, with the bulk of her works still currently in other mediums. But she's someone to watch, and we can only hope Lysa takes on more guitar project work!

Sara Ray - Featured in Premier Guitar's Feb. 09 Hot Rod Guitar issue, Sara is known for bomber, hot rod & pin-up themes. Don't see any Strat projects at her site currently (awe shucks!), but her work on big hollowbody electrics and amp cabs is killin' in the retro-Rockabilly Swing, Punk sectors.

Shadoe McKee of "Beyond Custom Guitars" - Similar to Pamelina H in some ways, McKee is a fine arts, air brush & hand painter who can put anything on a guitar to fit any theme. Her site gallery is loaded with eclectic projects & approaches spanning dozens of themes. Be sure to check out her "The Shining" themed Strat featuring Jack Nicholson's legendary "HEERRRES JOHNNY!!!" face.

Sarah Gallenberger - Besides guitars, Sarah adds cool graphics to all sorts of objects. Check out her Mayan calendar Tele.

Sarah Ryan - A sixth one I just added (thanks Dave!). Sarah does some very nice ornamental graphics you can see at and

So, check out what these ladies are doing!

Cathee "Cat" Clausen - Chicago based painter. Mainly focused on canvas, Cat also does a few guitars that are very cool. Check the Media/Press link at her sight and watch the video for more guitar stuff.

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