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Guitar Aficionado Positions Guitar to the "Deluxe Life"

Guitar Aficionado Magazine
Yesterday, whilst shuffling through the newsstand section of an invisible Barnes & Noble I got to check out Guitar Aficionado magazine for the first time. A spin on "Cigar Aficionado"--even rhymes, this new quarterly journal is attempting to shift the gears of guitar culture with Aston-Martin ads, 'spensive watches and profiles on popular chefs and wine moguls who also dig guitar. Imagine that-- successful folks from other fields of endeavor who enjoy picking up a guitar. Can that be?! OR, that legendary guitar players have other interesting pursuits. It could happen.

Some of you might think this is weird, no wonder, it's not exactly normal but WTF... ...Hey! It's the 21st Century, whatever it takes to have a good time, let's get on with it... So long as it doesn't cause a murder... So, they're sniffing the corks...

But in spite of where you may think I'm going with this, I actually dig Guitar Aficionado! I'm sitting in that big bookstore cozy chair with a latte, experiencing an elevated look at how guitar culture oughta be. The current issue (#2) has a beautiful feature on Eric Johnson's gear collection as well as a Top Shelf Tequila Shootout. And of course, the good Rev. Billy G pops up to bless things.

Always room for another guitar magazine! Familiar names like Brad Tolinsky, Chris Gill and Alan Di Perna head up and contribute to Guitar Aficionado; real guitar players and journalists willing to step out of the box.

At least now, old schoolers who feel conventional guitar rags cater too much to the shredded, pierced and inked can now experience guitar journalism in this new light of The Good Life-- or as Aficionado calls it "Deluxe Life". Guitar players may also look forward to acceptance in finer circles as this magazine shows the rest of the world that we are more than just geeks, nerds or derelicts as depicted in those commercials or Dragnet reruns.

Yeah, this magazine isn't for everyone. In fact, some of guitar society are up in arms about the very idea of something so bourgeois & ostentatious. Without getting too philosophical about it all, I just think it's a fun magazine to look through that's very uncluttered, beautifully formatted and interestingly positioned for a change. And no matter where you're bent on this, you will find interesting stuff if you relax for a minute and just be a kid. So don't buy it! Just do the B&N or Borders comfy chair rendezvous with a Guitar Aficionado while wifey is over at Nordstrom-- then wash your hands and take wifey to lunch after.

Or subscribe and save on the newsstand price.

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