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G&L F-100 With Serious Neck for Adoption!

G&L Guitars for sale
G&L F-100 Guitar
Sweet Maple Guitar NeckDave from Guitar Adoptions just got this one in, and wants us to check out the fretboard grain. Click on the neck image for a graphic, provocative & explicit CLOSE UP! Since we need to focus on the neck, I've chosen not to include a Guitar Adoptions girl in this post. So get focused & forget I even mentioned the girl part. It's all about the neck kids!

G&L F-100 Specs:

# BODY WOOD: Mahogany
# BODY FINISH: Old School Sunburst
# NECK WOOD: Hard Rock Maple with Maple fingerboard
# NECK WIDTH / RADIUS: 1 5/8” Width at Nut; 12” Radius (G&L #1B spec)
# FRETWIRE: Medium Jumbo 6100
# TUNERS: G&L/Schaller Non-locking
# NECK FINISH: Satin finish
# PICKUPS: Two custom wound Magnetic Field Design humbuckers
# CONTROLS: 3-Way pickup selector Volume Tone with Push/Pull coil split for both pickups (outer coils activated)
# BRIDGE: G&L Dual Fulcrum
# CASE: Black G&G Deluxe Tolex with black plush lining
# Weight 8.5 lbs.

Guitar Adoptions has lots of hi-end G&L inventory amongst other fine guitar lines. Dave also stocks a good assortment of lefty models and some very clean pre-owned gear. So go browse about and call Dave Schmidt if you have questions. He's the owner and he answers the phone.

Click Here for a directory of other recommended small online dealers where the owners answer the phone and actually know what's going on.

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