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Fender MIK Set Neck Strat Deluxe? - Strats With Issues #4

"...Plays, looks and sounds perfect a perfect guitar..!"
(your search could be over...)

That Ser# is "04062149" click photos for bigger views.

Seller: chasingsound
(100% - 1695 Feedback)

Scratchin' the noggin on this one kids! Would somebody please research this... I'm actually away from home this weekend, posting in a Kennewick, WA parking lot as wifey scowls.

Ok, so Fender Korea is turning out hi-end custom runs. Hell, I don't know it all. Maybe this is old news to everyone else.

My issue is, how does a US eBay seller maintain 100% and 4 digit feedback with a listing write-up like this? A little help out there please!

(When GL Wilson & Spider read this, their cranium's are gonna explode! They're just gonna explode! )

Read on Wayne! Read on Garth!

"...Rare Deluxe Fender Custom in a Beautiful Amber Bursy Quilt Top with Matching Head Stock! (think he means "BURST")

Abalone and Smooth action Telecaster like knobs! (that's "knurled" chief!)

Abalone inlays!

Smooth Two Point Trem for tuning and stability!

Silver Script Fender logo!

Fender soft Case! (Impress me!)

***From this point, you're advised to put on a helmut!***

Double Octave Neck! Plays faster than any guitar has a right to!

Set neck for more control and sustain!

The guitar is Perfect weight for both stage and studio! The perfect guitar to play and collect!

One of the best looking Stratocaster's to ever grace the screens of eBay, as you can see! Made overseas, has Seymour Duncan pickups with waxed cloth wire like the Fender Custom Shops. Has a few marks and scratches hard to see, however that being said as nice as some newer guitars hanging in the guitar store. I took the plates off so you can see the craftsmanship and great wiring! The plates both still have the protective plastic on them! (best paragraph on eBay!)

You name the price! (NO RESERVE -- NO S*H*I*T!)

Plays, looks and sounds perfect a perfect guitar! (I'm sold!)

We have 100% positive feedback, pack well, and ship fast! We aim to please!

Check our other items that we have up this week. We specialize in quality instruments..."

Which a way is the liquor store?

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