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EJ White Strat - Neck Grain Fetish Quickie - Strats With Issues #5

Eric Johnson Maple Neck GrainI been hipmotized by 'dis grain pattern! Somebody hep me please!!!

EJ Strat for sale
eBay Item # 300341204489
Seller - joefreene

Seller sez:

"...The grain pattern of this guitar neck is the smoothest most uniform of all the 'EJ's' I have ever seen... the main reason I purchased it... I am original owner, less than 1 hour play time, no scratch, no marks, no dings ...perfect condition..." (not much more than that in description)

So let's analyze this one. Individual looks at several EJ Strats until a certain neck grain pattern strikes him/her so deeply and profoundly as to compel an expenditure of at least $1700... only to play for one hour and then decide to sell.

Did I leave out anything?

Wonder how many marriages this person will go through...

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