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Wishbone Ash Guitarist Selling Rare Vintage Fender

eBay Starcaster auction

Guitar collector mojo alert!

Yeah, I'm pimpin' a lotta gear these days, so apologies to the regular readers who probably expect more content variety. Nevertheless this is a very interesting gear find.

The seller, claiming to be Ted Turner from the legendary Wishbone Ash, is auctioning this vintage Fender Starcaster. Yes, the original Starcaster model was a 70's attempt by Fender to attract the 330 series Gibson market. Nowadays, Fender is reusing the "Starcaster" moniker on an ultra-cheap-cheese department store Strat-type guitar that goes for under $100. Pretty dismal, I know...

Anyway, regardless of all that, this looks like a pretty clean guitar. The bullet truss rod, 3 bolt neck and skunk stripe certainly reflect early to mid-70's features. The Wide Range pickups of that era have the real magnetic adjustable poles as opposed to the steel poles in today's Fender WR humbucker reissues. The orig. WR's are fat sounding. My '72 Tele Thinline has a big loud sound, so I imagine these hollow Starcasters to be very sweet when set up well.

Do your homework and contact the seller with any questions. If he's really Ted from Wishbone Ash, and can verify things to your satisfaction, this would add mojo to any guitar collection.

Seller listing info:

Seller: 5668ted (Feedback 8)
Feedback: 100 % Positive
Member: since Mar-20-05 in United States

Item ID# 270416176261

End time: Jul-03-09 12:20:22 PDT
Shipping: US $50.00
UPS Ground
Service to United States
Ships to: United States
Item location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

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