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Who Really Reads Stratoblogster #6 - Sammy Davis Jr.

Pictured here with an early iPod prototype, the late Sammy Davis Jr. was certainly known to break barriers and be on the cutting edge of things.

Now, AT&T, known for dropped calls & dead spots, has introduced their new Limited Service from the Dead Plan-- allowing me to receive calls & texts from the afterlife. So imagine my surprise at a number of recent texts from Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. himself, who as it turns out just happens to be an avid Stratoblogster visitor.

Here's just a sample:

"Y'know babe, back in the day if I knew what I know now, this hip cat woulda picked up a Strat for the ultimate in hipness. Yeah, instead of hangin' with the Rat Pack, I coulda been with the Strat Pack babe! All these groovy Blues Fests and House of Blues clubs sure would have beat withering my life away in Atlantic City & Vegas, singing for plumbers conventioneers and fez wearers from Iowa.

Nowadays, you have the real Strat Pack with Clapton, Beck and Buddy Guy; the Frank, Dino and Sammy for today. So dig these cats, because when you gone, you gone daddyo! And stay hip with the Stratoblogster babe! I'm keepin' my eye on it from out here in the hip-o-sphere!"

Thanks Mr. Davis Jr!

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