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Strats With Issues #3 - Where's the Lei?!


Helluva a way to pimp a Strat! This listing from Honolulu is killin' me all up in here! I'm thinkin' they could include some island extras with this Surf Green '87 Strat Plus, but then again the gods get offended when certain items leave the islands-- then bad stuff happens to folks.

This is affecting me on different levels. Maybe the Strat should just stay there and people pay to go visit and play it in its native habitat. Kind of a "Strat-o-Lulu Resort-o-Caster Vacation Package" if you will. Picture yourself in that setting, playing a pig roast gig complete with hula dancers, drinking out of a pineapple... Yeah, this Strat has serious issues alright.

Listing Info:

'87 Strat Plus with Sperzels, Lace pups & big rectangular case.

Seller: kennya808 98.7% Positive feedback
(1 negative in error- pending eBay reversal)

Time left: Jul 23, 2009 18:30:54 PDT

Item number: 220451837209

Item location: honolulu, HI, United States
Ships to: United States


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