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Stratoblogster Back From Camping

It also tried to eat my french toast!
I just returned from camping Sunday 7/5 - Thurs 7/9. We actually found a scorpion when tearing down our tent Thursday. It was between the tent floor and a tarp we put down first. The photo isn't our scorpion, but I'll replace it as soon as wifey downloads the camping photos.

Anyway, while I was away my Raw Vintage saddles and trem springs arrived. Yeah, my Strat might be back from the spa someday.

Lot's of online buzz about Jeff Beck touring throughout Canada this past week. They're really loving him and his cutie bassist too, who happens to be Canadian.

Check these articles from:

Montreal Gazette
Ottawa Citizen

We lost George Fullerton at age 86. George was an integral part of the early Fender days, going on to found Music Man and later partner with Leo Fender helping found G&L-- the "G" being for George.

The LA Times obituary has a nice historical write-up on Mr. Fullerton. Doesn't seem too long ago that we also saw the passing of Don Randall.

It was better to find the scorpion on the last camping day, if at all.

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