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A Strat for Friday #133 - Rittenhouse Miami Stratoskank

Food & Beverage Suggestion:
Jumbo Shrimp (breaded & deep fried)
Curly Fries
Pepsi (no ice)
Rolaids, Certs & Skittles
Virginia Slims Menthols

Well, what would you call it? This is some serious "rode hard & put away... not yet".

Rittenhouse Guitars, Inc. of Miami builds some severely distressed guitars. This shell pink road rash sister will go nicely with a well worn denim or cotton turquoise shirt. May you not find a cigarette butt at the bottom of your mojito!

And she's on the auction block as we speak. From the "We also take custom orders" line in the eBay listing, I'm assuming Rittenhouse is the lister. Equipped with Lollar Blackface pickups, other ingredients hail from Gotoh, Allparts & CTS. She also sports a real bone nut with a C-Shape 10" radius neck. Seller sez, "...The headstock was intentionally left blank for you to add your favorite Stratocaster vintage decal...".

Alrighty then!

Meet the Parents:

port_of_miami (170 Feedback) Member is a PowerSeller
100% Positive feedback

item number: 220452838930

Item condition: New ( No STD's either! -- It's real humid in Miami.)

Time left: Jul 22, 2009 21:08:30 PDT

Item location: Miami, FL, United States
Ships to: Worldwide

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