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SRV #1 Tribute, Custom Aged- A Strat for Friday #132

SRV Tribute DIY Strat
Build your own SRV #1 Stratocaster

Serious SRV freaks oughta dig this! I would NOT have featured it except for the fact that the seller is a 100% ranked, commended eBay Store (Island Frets) with Power Seller status. Yeah, that's a mouthful, in other words, he's had a zillion opportunities to screw someone but has yet to. This one ends SOON!

If you wanna DIY one of these, check these links:

www.wonderhowto.com (SRV Strat DIY video tutorial)
Relic Resource Directory (more of that stuff)

OTHERWISE, below is the full listing write-up from the seller:

"Up for bids here is a first-time offering of an SRV "Number 1" guitar! The guitar looks, feels, sounds and plays impeccable! It is IDEAL for any player that is looking to attain that TRUE SRV tone! It is comprised of a 1988 Fender USA 1962 Vintage reissue neck. The neck is aged from just the natural course of time. These necks are superb to start with! The aged/vintage nitro look and feel is awesome. It HAS been refretted with larger JUMBO frets for a better performance, in sync with SRV's! The tuners are vintage-style gold replacements. The body is a Warmoth alder-wood that was shielded and reliced from the original nitro sunburst and then sealed again with nitro, after the aging. The neck pocket even has the "SR Vaughan" wood-burned moniker. The electronics are even more of a bonus! The guard is a Fender 5-ply with the reflective initial stickers. Inside is a trio of Van Zandt Strat pickups and wired into an early-1980's Tokai Springy Sound electronics harness (note the 5-way, very rare and only found in early Tokais). The tone of those pickups are incredible! The whole motivation for this guitar was done after reading an article be rene Martinez and how he set up SRV's Strats, namely the Number 1 famous battered Strat that has become THE Strat mostly associated with the legendary guitarist! We added a similar strap and I put some very cool tour stencil stickers on the exterior of the case to complete the look. However, this guitar transcends the "look" by a mile! It IS meant to be PLAYED! The attached demo video should give you some idea of the potential! It beats any SRV Strat I have ever played. Texas Specials pale in comparison to these Van Zandts! This guitar is perfect for any SRV lover! And, YES it has a REAL period-correct stamped serial number neckplate!

Good luck & Thanks!"

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