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A Strat for Friday #131 - Xotic XS Series Featuring Allen Hinds

Xotic Strat Guitar

This week's Friday installment departs from our usual format in that I'm promoting Xotic's S-type line of guitars. Above we have fusion man Allen Hinds demoing his Xotic configuration which shares some of the basic XS Series features except for some personal upgrades. Yes these are the same Xotic-Prosound Communications folks who brought us the AC & RC Booster pedals as well as their newest Raw Vintage line of trem springs and saddles, which I'll be upgrading my own Strat with soon and talking about in the near future.

The XS guitar line incorporates hi-end electronics and hardware into a variety of classic finishes. I personally like the dark green with the tortoise pickguard. So check all the above links and browse the XS specs and the full Xotic product line too!

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