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Sonny Landreth Feature at Chicago Tribune

Click on photo for killer Sonny Landreth youtube video!!!

Chicago Tribune writer Kevin Williams posted a rousing article about Sonny Landreth in anticipation of Sonny's upcoming Aug. 6th gig at the Evanston SPACE (helluva place too-- David Lindley plays there tonight!).

Williams really puts on his guitar geek in the article too, which is always a treat to see in a mainstream media piece.

"...Landreth has technique that is staggering. As slide guitar players go, he is nonpareil, having ginned up a technique that lets him fret notes and chords while he's playing slide. But it's all in the service of the music..."

And that's just a taste, as the writer musters up for a slam on Steve Vai. But all in good fun... although some Windy City Vai fans are probably keying this guy's Prius as I write.

In looking for a good Landreth photo, I also discovered the photography & paintings of Artist Bob Bunce at www.bobbunce.com

Be sure to visit www.sonnylandreth.com and check the tour schedule link, cuz he just might be coming to your area! I missed Sonny's July 2nd Portland gig, and I'm still feelin' mighty LAME.

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