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Slider's 59 "SRV" Vintage Reproduction Pickups

Hand Scatter Wound Guitar Pickups
Slider's 59 Classic Pickups
Vintage Bakelite Guitar Pickup Covers
We just recieved word from Down Under that pickup voodoo master Rod McQueen of Slider's Vintage Classics has graced us with another bakelite clad set of tone wonderment, the Vintage '59 "SRV" config. I'm wondering if the hand winding and magnet charging south of the equator is part of Slider's secret... hmmm...

Check these out at: sliderspickups (eBay) where Slider Rod is also currently listing another set of those Classic 57's. Somebody's been busy winding these days!

Here's a word from Rod on the Vintage 59's:

"...This set consists of 3 hand made "scatterwound" Single Coil Pickups with Parchment White vintage correct re-pro "rounded" Bakelite style Pickup Covers. These classic pickup covers alone are very difficult to find and sell for considerable amounts by themselves! You also get a full set of aged 6/32 UNC adjustment screws with natural amber, vintage style rubber spacers.

This set is built with 1959 spec, vintage correct materials and composition. All ready to install with the averaged '59 DC impedances plus the addition of a special 6-7% overwinding to accurately replicate the "mistakenly" overwound set used by SRV in his famed Number 1,

The actual DC Kohms resistance and special winding patterns used on my SRV re-creations is the product of my research and testing and as such remains my personal information

South magnetic polarity, correct for factory post c1958

Winding (clockwise), 42 AWG (.063mm) "Formvar" vintage spec copper wire

AlNiCo 5 etched, staggered height, Hand beveled, individual pole pieces, Low B, high D & G. All individually magnetized by me, using rare earth Neo-dymium Boride polarising magnets to recreate 50 year old Alnico. Exacting, aged replication.

Vintage correct Black vulcanized "forbon" fiber flatwork bobbins with Nickel Silver wiring eyelets

Output wiring is 12" Black (ground) and 12" White active, 22 AWG celanese wrap and waxed braided, cotton outer insulation, vintage pushback wiring

This set is vintage "Straight Up" without a reverse wound/reverse polarity RW/RP middle pickup. All are matched to work perfectly with 3 or 5 way switching and no "out of phase" issues or dramas!

All come with "Relic" Parchment White "rounded" early 50's Bakelite style pickup covers, and a full set of aged 6/32 UNC round head mounting screws with vintage style amber rubber compression spacers. I am happy to fit your color choice (check pic for options)

All are Lacquered, prior to winding to prevent long term corrosion of the wire against the AlNiCo poles (the most common problem I see for killing vintage pickups, check that last pic again!), then Wax potted "post build" to reduce possible high volume microphonics and provide protection to the delicate windings.

All pickups come individually amp tested, labeled and signed with all specs relating to Materials, Polarity and Composition.

These are not an "off the shelf" pickup and are intended for the discerning player or restorer of fine instruments..."

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